Episode 4

March 05, 2023


Cevisama Review - Spain 2023

Cevisama Review - Spain 2023
Cevisama Review - Spain 2023

Mar 05 2023 | 00:36:20


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Tile Addicts Hanna and Joe review this year's Cevisama in Valencia, selecting favourites, spotting trends and considering possible futures for Spain's biggest tile show.

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Speaker 0 00:00:01 Tilecast, news features and analysis brought to you by Diary of a Tile Addict. Speaker 3 00:00:34 Okay, so this is Joe Simpson for TileCast. Hannah and I have just flown in from Valencia and we're gonna share what we've made of the show and uh, the best products we saw there. So take it away. Han what did you make of the show in general? Speaker 4 00:00:51 Exhausting. Um, but I guess that's to be expected. I've not been to one in three years. You kind of can forget quite how much there is to see and do. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:01:00 Which is true. Even though it was probably half the number of tile companies that were there in a big year, it actually didn't seem to probably made the experience better, if anything. I thought. What about the, some of the new features they had there, like the Cevisama Trends area; did that work for you? Speaker 4 00:01:17 I'm not sure I quite understood that area. I did go and have a peek around, maybe it was too late in the day for me to figure out what was happening. There were also a lot of people there, so it was quite hard to get your bearings and see what they were trying to highlight. But for me, no, I like to go and find my own trends and see what I can see a lot of, um, what I think's interesting. So for me, not not that useful, but Speaker 3 00:01:42 Uh, yeah, I mean I've thought the same thing. I mean it was a, a really good show. If you were after highly decorated, beautifully glazed small format tiles, if you went there looking for what's new in 20 millimeter external tiling or large slabs, you could make bathroom work work tops out of, or even just large format, concrete effect tiles, whatever. You were going to be a bit disappointed. Speaker 4 00:02:03 Oh yeah. There was definitely not enough space for anything. <laugh> very big in the small corner of the show. Speaker 3 00:02:09 Yeah. But that being said, I thought there were some really cool innovations there. So, okay. If I, if I had to put you on the spot and say name your five favorite tiles, what would you come up with? Speaker 4 00:02:18 Um, an obvious one that we spoke about at the show would've been either Arco or Kyoto from Natu se. I think I lean more towards Arco to be honest. I quite like the, the thicker ones with the, the skinnier ones that, that mix. I like the shape. It was very appealing collection for me. I think one of the first ones that drew my was, I think it was called Kent in Sarto. It was the 3D bricks, the quite intricate inner design. I really like them. They photographed quite nicely as well. Um, and also handmade, I think it was called handmade or cross Handmade on the sartor stand, which had kind of one corner raised on each with a lot of, yeah, Speaker 3 00:02:57 The shape quite different to describe it cause it's asymmetric. Yeah. Three dimensionality, which Speaker 4 00:03:02 Is all I, I dunno quite why I was drawn to it, but I, I did, I did quite like that range. I just wanted to stare at it for a little bit. And then for the colors, I think the Harlem range from Deco sir, they were very or youthful, but kind of vintage, retro kind of colors. Kind of these orangey yellows, this muted pink color. Do you know? Yeah, Speaker 3 00:03:25 I know, I know what you mean. That one. Speaker 4 00:03:26 Yeah. I quite enjoyed that range. And then, um, pretty much everything on the turn light stand, the little baby metros and all of the colors they had Speaker 3 00:03:34 There. Well it's, it, it is nearly always is a sort of ceramic sweet shop. I think the turtle light stand, you want to pick a, pick the ball up and take them home with you. Yeah. Um, although actually I found a few stands like that. I really liked the Antigua. Stan had a lot of beautiful little things that was part of that chal trends. Bit Sika who were very good at it. I, yeah, we you said deco already, but I thought very clever. They just had those three panels which went colors, shapes, pattern, and it just basically told you the entire company's ethos and three panels beautifully done. Very nicely curated. Yeah. They, they're just endlessly, just effortlessly kind of stylish that company. Speaker 4 00:04:11 Very good. Yeah. There was some stance that definitely they had a really small footprint, but they filled out a significant number of lines in my notebook and pictures on my camera reel, just trying to gather all of Speaker 3 00:04:23 It. And yeah, I thought that was kind of a trend. Big wasn't better at the show. A lot of the best stands were really not much bigger than, you know, two dining tables put together. Yeah. If they had to go for a big one, I would say vives. I thought that was just beautifully put together. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:04:37 And Speaker 3 00:04:38 I mean that entrance. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:04:39 You couldn't ignore the, the striking lava S Speaker 3 00:04:42 Two colors, yeahs curves. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> just beautifully done. Uh, Ricci I thought their stand was beautiful, but then they are always beautiful. And you say the same about, uh, pida, I thought I like the, the way great the rooms. Then you went into the one with all the French cigar stuff and it was like being in a little sort of gentleman's nightclub. Yeah, Speaker 4 00:04:58 Yeah. The ones that have the tiles in Cchu make it a much more dynamic experience. It's, it's sad when there are lots of really good tiles, but you can't quite get a good picture. And I know I need the pictures to, to share with everybody and I can't quite get a picture that does the tiles justice, but when they're set out like that is significantly easier. So Speaker 3 00:05:18 What about one of our favorite factors at Coda there? 95. You spent much time there. Speaker 4 00:05:21 I did. I I bee lined there basically with Dan. I, I said we need to go over there. They always have really good stuff and they had a lot of color. It was the on the floor, the Purplely blue and yellow kind of swirly. They seemed so different from the rest, but they drew me in immediately. That was Speaker 3 00:05:40 A lot of fun. I like the, the Black Gowdy one war, which has had the black Gowdy three-dimensional talent with the, the sort of satin and gloss combined on the same thing. I thought that was absolutely beautiful. But they had, they had a lot of the ranges we've been writing about recently there. It was quite nice to actually see big displays of them rather than just little samples. Yeah. Savi. And same with Sika. I mean I know what they do, but it's still very nice to see it in the flesh. I thought main zoo. I thought that was a nice stand that had some interesting patterns and textures. Speaker 4 00:06:10 What were your top tiles? Speaker 3 00:06:11 Didn't realize that my top, well the, I think the, the most innovative tile there was mono pole's take on the hexagonal tile. So the hexagonal tile with picket tiles attached to it pre-ground that you can sort of, you wanna say click together but you could seamlessly put them together. Yeah. It looks like they should click together and I've never seen anything like that. I mean they obviously are saying it's patented and you know, good luck with that. But that was a really interesting to, I would also natu, my favorite tile would be Kyoto. I think the reactive glazes on that three-dimensional body is just beautiful. And I was, I tried really hard to find a, a large format tile that I liked and I actually end up with Sy Polo, the Spectra range, which had some, I think it was 12 different colors all named after foods, which was quite funny. Speaker 3 00:06:57 So you had sort of chili through to cheese and mushroom and berry and mint. Just a sort of large matte, but put all the 12 together. Yeah. I thought that was an impressive range. And then I was thinking where, where were the great Italian tiles at the show? And obviously apart from tonite, I was thinking there weren't really any big ones apart from, I don't know, UNICOM Starker. And then you kind of think, right, okay, well that makes sense because they're a trading company, not a manufacturing company. And they probably, you know, have to do it. But there were, there weren't, there was an absence wasn't there, of brands from big brands from Italy, Turkey. So it was very much a, a Spanish show in the smattering of Indian, uh, Portuguese factories. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:07:36 I was looking at the last posts from SEMA 2020 and a lot of the companies that I mentioned in those blog posts, I don't think I saw them on the, the map at all. So I guess they weren't there. And I didn't quite realize I didn't do a huge amount of preparation before I went otherwise I would've noticed beforehand that they were missing. But I Speaker 3 00:07:57 Dunno. Yeah, I, I adopted a fairly kind of, well you can only see what who's here and I'm not going to miss the people that aren't approached. And actually there was a lot, so much that was interesting that was there. You know, you, you didn't miss the others. And talking to the people who were, who were on big buying missions there, they thought they'd just be done in, in a day than, you know, three days in they were still finding more things to buy, more things people to talk to. And were saying actually this has been a really good show. And it felt busy and there, there were, yeah. And if you went to the areas which were well curated, it was very busy. I mean there were some sad bits upstairs, but the level two was fine. I thought that was good. I mean there, yeah, some of the stands were a bit gapped and spacey and there weren't big impressive stance. Speaker 3 00:08:39 But frankly I don't really like big impressive stands. I'd rather have a small stand with five good products on it, on a massive stand with five good products and 150 you've seen before. Yeah. So it worked for me. I liked the other one. Who would say what Todd? I like the Nander stand. Well I like pretty well everything on that stand stand. But the, the, the Juliet and Marlow ranges, which they are making and the den Neo Jarden one that they aren't, I thought were were, which is just a prototype. I thought they were lovely, tiny, nice little hexagons with simple green chevron designs. I thought they were grand. I I, yeah I liked the ar stand. Uh, the other one I would pull out was the B brutalist brick from the ammar dis range. I thought that was lovely. Beautiful colors. Unusual, very thin design. Yeah. Um, very textural, very dramatic. And you could do so much with it, you know, I'd like to see it in a big Speaker 4 00:09:27 Room. Yeah, it was a shame That was only the one wall. I think it was at the front or back of the stand home where you're coming in. Yeah. The one wall where you could see Speaker 3 00:09:34 It were, you're talking about a stand a wall isn't, was pretty small. Speaker 4 00:09:38 It was a tiny stand with some great tiles. Speaker 3 00:09:41 Yeah. And very enthusiastic staff who were, yeah, just, just nice to interact with. Whether they are normally at these shows. But they were parti particularly nice Speaker 4 00:09:48 There. It, it can be hard to find the right person on these stands, but I think being such a minuscule space, it was a almost a one in one out situation. So you got a bit of a Yeah, a personal interaction. Speaker 3 00:10:00 They probably got highly fed up with me cause I was there for quite a while. So I think I photographed every tile on the stand. Speaker 4 00:10:06 <laugh> I think I Speaker 3 00:10:06 The stand, try and get a distance away from them to take a photograph. Basically had to empty the stand in order to do it. But they were very different of me and I thought yes, they were lovely and it's not really a company that I've paid much attention to in the past. And uh, and probably if I was, if I was buying tiles that may well have been and I could only buy one, I probably would've bought that cuz I, I think it's uh, it's beautiful and unusual. So yeah, no it was, it was, it was good from that point of view. It wasn't a, uh, a whole by tile buying experience, although the tools bit was surprisingly good and there was, you know, a lot of good, um, leveling systems and pedestal systems and large format sores and tile slab handling systems and adhesives and all that kind of stuff. But uh, the integration of the bathrooms and stuff was a bit random. Yeah, Speaker 4 00:10:50 I thought that the last time. I think I've been to Zam twice before and it does just seem a bit confused. I just rule out, I assume there's nothing there for me and there's too much chance Speaker 3 00:10:59 To see. But for certainly if you are, I think a UK person, a different audience and that was largely as from where I could gather a tile audience and their interest in taps is probably minimal. But hey ho you know, it's probably better than just having an empty stand there. And I actually quite like, I do always wonder around it to see how they're using tiles alongside the, the sanitary wear. And I have to say there were a few good examples of that there. Speaker 4 00:11:21 But they could have, um, used the space to put caravan in there. <laugh> make them something people somewhere people couldn't find <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:11:28 Yeah. Those, for those of you who haven't been to the show, you know, the old books wears Wally. Well the, this show, it could have been Where's Caravan? Cuz it was marked on the map. But if you tried to follow the map to get to the caravan stand, you were going to be sadly disappointed because I think topographically, it might have been where it was on the map, but you couldn't walk there because there were walls and building work in the way you had to go right outta the exhibition and do it. But amazingly when you found it, there were people there weren't there. Speaker 4 00:11:53 Yeah, there were quite a few people though. I was, I was surprised. It just felt very wrong. You walk out of the exhibition center and there's people milling about and then you just have to go down a deserted road for a bit and then you see a sign that I think is essentially caravan this way. Finally. Okay, great. That's, we're on the right track. But before that you're just walking down blind thinking this isn't right. Dan actually turned back, he was like, Nope, I don't think that you are correct. I was like, I'm gonna, I've Speaker 3 00:12:17 Gotta look, uh, carry on that I, I started searching for this stand several times and all I found wherever I went were crowds of Spanish people outside the showroom smoking and no sign of this stand. And I gave up eventually and then I went in, spent a lot of time in the tile Spain. They had a room, a booth there, which was, uh, where I was holding most of my meetings. And there was a constant stream of people coming and going, where's, where's the caravan stand in various different languages, <laugh> and fantastically. Nobody there actually knew how to answer the question cuz it was, it was very difficult to describe it and most people would've lost the will. So I, you know, I hope it all worked out for caravan, but uh, I never got to see them. Okay, next thing, color, color trends. Speaker 4 00:12:54 I struggled a little bit with the color trends. I think if I had been focusing on that rather than manically running around trying to see everything, um, get all my pictures, try and figure out what I want to write about, I might have been a little bit better at it. I think the best I can do is say one, the the blueish green color that you mentioned. As soon as you said that it was uh, it was noticing it everywhere. It was simply everywhere and kind of in the same style as well that kind of dapple the mixed, I dunno how to describe it, but a similar style. This bluey greeny teal color that was everywhere. Baby pink I think was everywhere. And then just interesting colors, which is probably quite a lame way to describe it, but just interesting colors, interesting purples, interesting oranges, interesting pinks, interesting whatever. Not necessarily the same types, but for example on the tonal light stand, they had a, a variety of colors that I don't think are that common in the tile world. The same as the Harlem range. I think they're all quite unusual colors. That's really the best I could do. In terms of color trends. Speaker 3 00:13:55 I like the, the thing I kind of noticed apart from this, and I, I probably ought to say a bit more about this green, I mean it's, it's a blue green but it is not a lot of people were calling it aqua, but it was not aquamarine and it wasn't turquoise. It was much more soft and muted. It was a, a green with a little bit of blue in it and a little bit of gray and it was like a kind of a quite a assertive pastoral, is it the best I could use it. But it was running through marbles as well as plain tiles and in patterns. But the highlight colors are quite a lot of royal blue, like an intent intense blue. I saw a lot of that didn't see much of the burnt orange that we we've come to see in, no the shows of lake, Speaker 4 00:14:32 Just the terracotta. But that's pretty stone. Speaker 3 00:14:34 But what I did think interesting, there were several stands where they probably selected 10 colors in every tile range featured those 10 colors or a selection of those 10 colors so that you could basically put all tiles together, different formats, different sizes, different shapes, and they'd all work equally well together. Together. So that was quite good. I think in the future podcast. I'm going to do a bit more on the color. I've started creating a list of the ones that they were using in Spain at this show and trying to work out. Were there any, if you just showed people the list without AAL or a colored code, attach it, whether anybody who would know what you're talking about, <laugh> and I'd kind of worked out, I reckon about 50% of them wouldn't mean anything to anybody and probably 25%, 25% of the other ones they would give you if you'd ask somebody what color is. But are, they wouldn't come up with the color that it was attached to it. So I I, it is something I will re return to as you know, I'm a bit obsessed with it, but I do think, you know, it's not just how you name colors, but can you get anything from the names? Speaker 4 00:15:30 So I landed on for the greeny color sea moss and I did then Google it just to double check that I hadn't completely miscalculated and at least some people seem to agree that it's sea moss. So I think I'm going with C Moss cause I think that sounds really nice. Speaker 3 00:15:44 <laugh> So that's S E A M O S S? Yes. Right. Speaker 4 00:15:47 Okay. And it could be moss from the C or it could be scene like moss Speaker 3 00:15:52 <laugh>. Yeah. And, and I'm just trying to think of the last time I saw Moss on the Sea <laugh> and um, I'm struggling. Yeah. But hey Hope Art Deco still there, isn't it? Speaker 4 00:16:00 A bit, I, I can't recall the name now. There was some black and gold tiles. I think one of them was bit feathery. There was a range of three and then a few arches and stuff. I think it's definitely not as prominent as it was in 2020 where it was everywhere. Everybody had something that was art deco twenties inspired. Speaker 3 00:16:19 I thought a lot of it where it came out was when they wanted to put some talent embellishment on a tile. It tended to be, oh, an art deco shape or you know, those kind of traditional sort of curves of straight line. I mean obviously the, the kind of leaders in the way are appi. I mean they got art deko down pat, but there were other people doing it as well. Amazing. But the whole, what do you think about the metallic? How's that co, where's that heading? Did you like the kind of metallics that were at the show? Speaker 4 00:16:42 I'm not sure about it, but I did see two. I saw two that I like. There was one that was almost a similar shape to Kyoto, but it was a kind of a gun smoke dark but reflective. I thought that was interesting. And I had the ridges like in Kyoto. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. But I don't think it was a much bigger format. And then I think it was a gold crackle decor amongst a range of xx style tiles. And I think there was a picket style and some other versions as well. I, but I quite liked those two. I dunno that it's really my style, but I liked looking at Speaker 3 00:17:13 Them. What about the, the star and cross combo that Speaker 4 00:17:16 I love Star and Cross? I, Speaker 3 00:17:17 But it suddenly there were a lot of it. It was, it was like one or two stands and now there's lots of people who got it. I'm fascinated to know where they're all making the biscuit or they're all buying it from the same place. Yeah. Cause the proportions of the star and the cross are so similar. Now I'm kind of feeling they're either really ripping each other off or one person's making all the biscuit. Yeah. But I, I love it. And it was interesting, I watched a couple of American buyers who'd obviously never seen it before and they were, they were really excited by it. And I thought, oh that's, that's interesting cuz I wasn't sure it was gonna be to American taste. Speaker 4 00:17:47 I, I can think of at least two American companies that sell star and cross tiles that have it quite prominent. Now Speaker 3 00:17:52 It may be which part of America you come from, but this Speaker 4 00:17:55 Actually they might both be in California. Speaker 3 00:17:57 So what about thin rectangular tiles? They're a bit of a thing, weren't they? And they seem to be thin. Thin and very thin. Speaker 4 00:18:03 It was super long. I think they just Oh, Speaker 3 00:18:06 So you saw the length, I saw the thinness, but yeah, it's the same effect. Speaker 4 00:18:09 Yeah. Well because I would then compare it with the elongated metro and if it's then twice as long as that, to me that's, that's very long. Speaker 3 00:18:16 Fair, fair point. I I, it was just interesting that how many there were around, I mean I guess because we, we've, we've always zoned in on companies like to light that have specialized in this area and they still do. But it, you know, you were seeing quite a lot of other examples, but quite often while on a bumpy biscuit with a reactive glaze. So you get a lot of character. It's not just about the shape, isn't it, it's also about the, the surface finish. And I, I, I really like, I think you get a lot of tile in quite a small space with those. Speaker 4 00:18:41 Yeah. Although I, I'm not sure, I guess it would add a lot of height, but I can't imagine it being stacked too high as in two tiles. Yeah. I think that that in a smaller space, I think that might be a bit much but one long seamless row thing that might be Speaker 3 00:18:55 Quite cool. Yeah, it was quite strange to actually see them being used on horizontal banding cuz I've kind of used to that stuff all being shown in vertical banding of lake and it kind of worked as, but I didn't see, and maybe it was just I was looking in the wrong places. But a lot of chevrons no, but I think that may be because there weren't the big law tile experts there, so you, you know, you didn't see those kinda shapes. And it was essentially, this was a, it was a wall tile show with a bit few floor tiles in it, wasn't it? Speaker 4 00:19:19 I think so. There's the one. Um, but that was the coy tiles that were on the floor. So I would put them in a, I Speaker 3 00:19:25 Think they were for people who, aren't we able to see this blank expression on my face? Don what hands Speaker 4 00:19:29 Referring to? I think, I think they were on at Vis and they were, because I Speaker 3 00:19:33 Was When you say koi, like the carb? Speaker 4 00:19:35 Yeah. All right. The vish on the floor. Cause I was looking, you know, for the wallpaper trend looking around and then on the floor there's, it was right pink and green and some orange obviously. Oh. Thought that was fun. That's going straight into curiosities. I really enjoyed that. Speaker 3 00:19:49 Okay, well I, Speaker 4 00:19:50 You step straight over it. Speaker 3 00:19:51 <laugh>, there's, there's a good reason for me to look at Diary vi tile in the coming weeks cuz I, I think I missed that one but it, it was very busy when I went on the viva stand. So Speaker 4 00:19:59 Curiosities, well there are a few quirky ones. The newspaper decor Tile, where was that? Appi, you see these ones? And that was the graffiti one. Speaker 3 00:20:09 See, well yes, mine was the, the cartoon figures on the Coess N 95 table with the all the heads joined together on a continual line. That was pretty weird. Speaker 4 00:20:18 Yeah. Um, and oh my doll, those ones as well. Yes. Yeah, yeah, they were fun. Speaker 3 00:20:22 There were certainly some, I mean I called a reference two to Banksy around the show. I dunno that was, you know, that sort of vague graffiti kind of look Speaker 4 00:20:31 Just urban art style. Speaker 3 00:20:33 Well it was urban art style, but it was definitely through a Banksy prism. I thought <laugh>. Yeah, no, there is, you do get the urban arts thing sort of edgy ones are still around. And also Wbb sa kind of both in name and in Speaker 4 00:20:45 Delivery. And then one I know you didn't see cause didn't get to pavilion six were the, I think they were called Boulevard ice or Ice deck, or which were little glittery beads. And I think that was a bluish one and pinkish one, the pinkish one. Even more snake skin. But they were kind of a spotty snake skin 3d. Really hard to take a good picture of them to do them justice. So I have so many closeups and videos where I'm, I'm just trying to show what, what it is that, Speaker 3 00:21:11 So this was a caravan group Speaker 4 00:21:13 Product. I think this was I but they were fun. Um, I think they might have been one of the more interesting things if you made it out into the sticks of the show. Yes. Speaker 3 00:21:21 This is the one you, you showed me on your mobile phone and it has a sort of worry effect as you and Speaker 4 00:21:26 Across it. It's, it's so hard to Speaker 3 00:21:27 Made me feel slightly nauseous. Speaker 4 00:21:29 So if I just showed you a picture of it from far away and you could see a few of the panels, you'd just think, well I don't understand what's interesting about it. So I needed to have a little video where I went in close and then zoomed out a bit. They were fun. Speaker 3 00:21:40 Yeah, I mean, and I suppose the other thing for me was the international press conference, which you, you know, it was interesting I thought cuz they asked the president asset, will the show be running next year? Normally in this thing they, you get the kind of pr answer. But, you know, he was, he was pretty honest about it and said it wasn't up to him. But basically he wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't run again next year. And then I got to talk to a whole load of the UK distributors who'd come over and also they were having a special lunch for them on, on the Wednesday. And they were of one boy saying the reason they were there was to show their support because they don't want it to go away. They think it's, you know, a vital date in the tiling calendar and they'd be very sorry to see it shut down. And I have to say, having just spent three very enjoyable and educational and, and entertaining days there, I, I would be immensely sad to see it go. It has a very different character and appeal to Bologna or coverings or ravish deer, any the other big shows that I go to. And that was, despite the fact that it was held in near freezing conditions in the very, very cold and sort of unusually cold Spain it was, yeah. So still had a lot to offer the visitor. I Speaker 4 00:22:43 Thought, why would they not be think about not running it again? Well, Speaker 3 00:22:46 Because the, some of the big groups, particularly ESA, haven't supported it this year and they represent a big chunk of the business and obviously some of the other big brands have never really done it. But there it was, those companies you were saying on the list that we wrote about last year weren't there. It's those people, those names and for various different reasons, obviously partly the, the clay shortages, um, caused by the war in Ukraine. But primarily the huge hike in energy prices have was a lot of pain to the, uh, the Spanish industry. They, they came up with the figures of how people have been made redundant or put on furlough and still were, and they reckon the figures that came out the press conference were a thousand people who have been laid off and 12,000 who were on fur. And I think, I'm very sure the last time I knocked at the statistics from the, the total employment of the Spanish tile industry is around 26,000. So if half of them are bit currently being laid off, it must be pretty dire. And um, so I guess that's the reason. Speaker 4 00:23:41 Um, so do you think it would be a bit more of a pausing the show situation rather than it's not happening? Again? I Speaker 3 00:23:47 Think if, if there were no other factors involved, if there wasn't, um, a sort of the trade-in fighting between Italy and, and Spain and everybody could just put on their sensible hat rather than their nationalistic hat or their self-interested hat, the logical thing to do would be to run se samma one year and Chairi the next. Yeah. Chairi wouldn't let that happen cuz they, they proudly preserve their status as being, as the world's greatest tile show. And they've got enough competition with coverings, which doesn't attract anything like the same audience, but is a wonderfully well organized show or, you know, ravish Deer, which is still, you know, if you want to see the South American manufacturers is the big bigger show in the world and it's gonna get increasing competition from Chin, the Chinese show, the Indian show, which happens just before service and uni era, the Turkish show, which actually is in, I think I could be wrong in this, but I think invol in size is bigger than any of them, but it is primarily in Turkey for Turkish companies and attracts Turkish visitors, but absolutely massive. Speaker 3 00:24:53 So I don't think it would ha it'll happen. I think they've got two ways. They could either make it very much a, they could lower the cost of exhibiting it, do it in a scale down Valencia and just make, you know, really pull out all the stocks, get every Spanish manufacturer there. But basically they've got to persuade ESA that they need to support it because if they don't, you know, you are, you are really fighting with one hand type behind your back. And the, from what I can gather, the uh, Spanish tar manufacturers have got to find some kind of way of convincing the, the Spanish government, both regional and national, that they need to support the industry, particularly with either encouraging them to save energy or do co-generation products or whatever it may be. Or they're gonna have lower gas prices in some way to the sector because there is nothing you can do in the tile industry without, without being able to file the kilns. Speaker 3 00:25:43 And, you know, that is what's crippling people at the moment. So I don't know, I mean I, I hope that the energy prices have peaked and in, in 12 months time everything will be looking a lot ros for that sector and they'll all go, yeah, let's have a good show again. Because I think unlike in a lot of other industries, there's a lot, there's a, there are good sound reasons for having a tile show it there. This is very different when you can actually pick up the things, talk to the people who make them see a whole load of different trends together and that it's, it's very important not just for the lights of you and me, but for the whole industry though. Let's hope it, it just proves to be an idle threat and that the, the show rediscovers its mojo. Speaker 4 00:26:22 Yeah. On a more positive note mm-hmm <affirmative>, should we look at the trends? We're Speaker 3 00:26:26 Gonna look at the trends Speaker 4 00:26:27 Because I've got a huge list of mine, but I haven't actually heard what your opinion is. Speaker 3 00:26:32 Okay. Right. Well you tell me yours and then I'll tell you what my opinion is. Speaker 4 00:26:35 <laugh>. Okay. I'll go with the big ones cuz they're some bigger trends and then some little tiny, tiny trends. Speaker 3 00:26:42 Say the first one and then, then I'll tell you what I think about it. Speaker 4 00:26:44 Okay. Yeah, the tune town Toraso, which was everywhere. I imported all of the pictures that I had gathered for that and there were at least 30 plus. Speaker 3 00:26:54 I I know, yes. And a surprise my first instinct. Oh, didn't expect that. And b actually I quite like a lot of it. Um, Speaker 4 00:27:03 It's fun. Speaker 3 00:27:04 Yeah. I mean some of it is absolutely barking and you'd have to be very brave to install it, but some of it is actually just quite lively and yeah, quite flexible I think. And it, it tends how, which colorways it's in. I mean, you know, some of the inclusions are really out there or very big or, but yeah, no, it, it, it like remember thinking, oh that terrazzo has run its course, but that was a long time ago and it hasn't, it just keeps coming back <laugh>, uh, um, so yeah, no good one. Good Speaker 4 00:27:32 Choice. Um, then the second one, I fell on the name into Galactica this morning when I was trying to think of a, a way to put it, which is kind of the whole mix of a lot of it's, well it started off cause I was seeing a lot of onyx but colorful and fun. But then there was also a lot of water marble effects. So I've just kind of gone for everything that is a bit spacey and colorful, swirly magical looking. There was quite a lot of that and it's quite fun. There Speaker 3 00:27:58 Absolutely is. And the, I think the thing I liked about it was they've taken those kind of, yes its effects, but they're using the, the same blues they're using in the plain wall tiles and some of the decor and the patterns and you, you can suddenly see how you could use 'em together and it create quite a harmonious look. But it generally it is generally there are sort of only two kind of color directions. There's the bright and warm kind of ones. Yes. With the red base and then they're the cooler, more relaxing ones with the kind of green bases cars, seeing it all green, blue, Speaker 4 00:28:25 I've seen a lot of purple and then contrasting colors. So pinks and blues together or just bright colors kind of streaked through it or swirled around, like I mentioned the sort <inaudible> 95, the ones that were on the floor, the purple and blue and yellow ones. I think they're the maybe the best. I think they may might just be my favorite characterization of the in Galactica trend. Yeah. Um, but just bold colors, just kind of swirling around and doing their thing. Speaker 3 00:28:51 I think we'd have probably seen even more of that if the rest of the factories have been there. Cuz it, I think that's the kind of trend that's come from large format. Mm-hmm. Um, yeah. Uh, and so you, it's even, and you, and it's because we didn't really have the, there were, there were some of the wallpaper effects but there just weren't the factories there that do the mega slabs or enough of them. So you didn't get that that you got at Chairi, but you still saw the, Speaker 4 00:29:13 There's still a lot. One of, one of my bigger trends is the wallpaper. Just the murals creating murals on the tiles. I mean, they don't have to be enormous tiles to give that, that effect. Speaker 3 00:29:23 No. In fact, quite a few of the best ones at this show were using not small tiles, but medium format sort Speaker 4 00:29:30 Of sizes. Yeah. One you could lift up <laugh>. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And then lastly the baby metros, which I think are absolutely adorable. I don't know the dimensions off the top of my head, but just imagine the baby sibling of a classic metro tile. There are loads of them. I, I don't recall seeing a huge amount of them before, but I thought they were really sweet. I just really like them. Speaker 3 00:29:50 Yeah, I I take that, I think you've missed one big trend, which was these kind of sculpted wood effect tiles. The particularly sort of curved front slat, curved sled ones. The sort of, there were quite a few of them around, I thought I can think of this is a sort of a soft sauna look or the somewhere between a sauna and a padded cell. The effect you got with them. I'm not a huge fan. Um, and I personally would rather it's a trend that didn't happen. But I, it is, it's something that I think has come from Brazil. Cuz I remember seeing factories like Portobello, uh, Serea Risa had those, and I hadn't don't remember seeing much of them in Europe where the avant garde wood effects here have been highly polished, quite dark or very distressed then to suddenly see something that was kind of sculptural. I do like rubbing your hand over it and they got a very nice tactile appeal. I just can't think where I'd ever put one. Um, they don't seem to want, I wouldn't want one in my home, but I'm not sure I'd want one in the restaurant or in the shop. Maybe they're gonna end up in hotels. Speaker 4 00:30:49 Probably. I saw, um, quite a few tin effect tiles. Speaker 3 00:30:52 Like the, like the uh, the tin ceiling tiles. Yeah, yeah. Well, APPI casing point, they had that one that was called, uh, Gatsby. Beautiful, very beautiful sort of metallic effect. Quite shimmery, bit gothic like them a lot. Yeah. There saw some smaller ones as Speaker 4 00:31:09 Well. There were some, um, mixed with Kintsugi tiles as well. Um, I can't remember who did that. Speaker 3 00:31:16 No, that was, that was Appi. So you were talking Kintsugi, the Japanese art of ing Speaker 4 00:31:20 Pottery. So, so you had the, I think it was a greeny blue sea moss color tile with gold, um, obviously veins and then there were also just these 3d Speaker 3 00:31:29 Yeah, I'm pretty sure that range was called Kintsugi just to make it absolutely clean. So yeah, it was like gold stitching. Yeah. Um, into Blinn. Um, I, I really like that. I'm not, I think you'd have to be quite brave to use it, but I, I can see, I can see designers who would just look at that and go, oh wow. And so a sort of high end clothing boutique or a very fashionable hotel bathroom I could see using that. Um, Speaker 4 00:31:54 Nightmare <laugh> hotel bathroom. I don't think it would be as a former hotel housekeeper. <laugh>. Yeah. Yes. Speaker 3 00:32:01 And I, I've never cleaned a bathroom so I wouldn't know. But yeah. Anything else? Speaker 4 00:32:06 I've got loads more, but I, I want to keep them a secret than you wanna keep our listeners. They're only semi formed, they're just every time I would see, you know, three or more of something. Gotta write it down. Yeah. So they're not fully formed trends. I don't quite know what to call 'em yet. Just a little family of Speaker 3 00:32:23 Little family of similar designs. Yes. Okay. Cool. Um, let's see if I can think of any more. Well, hexagons still a hell of a lot of hexagons out there. <laugh> aren't there? Big hexagons, small hexagons and medium size hexagons. Yeah. Um, and obviously we were mainly seeing hexagonal wall tiles, which is I don't think probably where they, they're heading, I think they're heading for the floor. Yeah. Um, so that was good. Um, interesting. See quite a lot of these decorative people making stuff that could be used on the floor or the wall. You know, first glance you think, oh, that's a, that's a wall tile. And then you discover, oh no, we, we've made that one specifically out of porcelain so you can put it on Speaker 4 00:32:57 The floor. It makes it much easier to write a about. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:33:00 Um, but yeah, hexagons and hexagons with border edges on them so you get the sort of, uh, a beehive effect when their leg. I saw that Speaker 4 00:33:07 Quite a lot. Da Vinci. I Speaker 3 00:33:09 Arranged now Da Vinci. That was that actually I thought of all the stands one of the most impressive. I thought they were, they had a whole, I kept, oh, that's, oh that's nice. Well that's nice. I thought Da Vinci had, it was a really nice stand. Yeah. Pat didn't mention it earlier on, but yeah. Uh, well done Speaker 4 00:33:23 Then apart from the Da Vinci, I think that have done the tile that I, um, miss mis discrediting to Coess Air 95, it's the gamma range from Da Vinci. Speaker 3 00:33:32 Okay. Apologies very first here. The gamma ray from Da Vinci. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:33:36 I'm just checking my notes to see how many of their ranges I have jotted down. And there are quite a few Speaker 3 00:33:42 <laugh>. Yeah. Uh, da Vinci also made me think, I dunno why, but do, do artists' name, when do artists' names go out to copyright? You know, because it just a thought <laugh>, are we going to see that, you know, the Hockney, uh, Hockney Tile brand or, uh, coming around next or whether it'll be an Andy Warhol tile? Speaker 4 00:33:56 There was an Andy Warhol tile where, um, it was, let me see if I can find it. It was on a Mariner. Speaker 3 00:34:05 Oh yeah, Mariner. Yes. Speaker 4 00:34:06 Yep. They, yep. They had a whole, what was this? Basically all of their stands, all of their, was it a war? All Speaker 3 00:34:12 Of their picture of Warhol, A picture of Marilyn Monroe? Speaker 4 00:34:14 No, it was soup can kind of a funky swirling shape with these puffy 3D bits on it. And then there was one called Frida that was Is that Frid Carlo Speaker 3 00:34:25 Then? Yeah. Oh Speaker 4 00:34:26 Right, okay. And then they had some composers that I can't think of right now, IDI, I think, and Oh, okay. But all of them were named after pupil, which is why it's funny you mention it. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:34:37 No, I was thinking more of actually, you know, the, the company names changed, so you come, you know. Speaker 4 00:34:42 Oh, I, I see. Speaker 3 00:34:43 But yeah, no, I did, I actually, I did did go on the Mariner stand and it actually was quite there. It was quite avant gar, but I did, I didn't clock all the names. It was, it was quite busy on there when I went Speaker 4 00:34:53 On there. Oh. But we got there a good time. Yeah. There weren't really any, any other Speaker 3 00:34:56 People because it, I mean there were, there was definitely a difference between where you were and it and how busy it was. The back end of some of the halls were, you know, pretty much deserted. But there were other bits that were really ramm kind of who you are, I guess. Right. So should we, shall we call it a Speaker 4 00:35:11 Wrap <laugh>? Yep. I can get the rest of these notes in order and everybody who's on tend to hooks trying to find out what my mini trends are. Yeah, well Speaker 3 00:35:18 Absolutely. I can't wait to hear. Um, okay, so that's Joel Simpson saying goodnight. And thanks for listening. Speaker 4 00:35:25 <laugh>, I might cut that bit. <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:35:29 You've been listening to Tile Cast produced by Diary of a Tile Addict to ensure you don't miss any future episodes. Don't forget to follow us. 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